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The internet and its seemingly endless technological possibilities are rapidly changing our world, particularly the way we communicate and access information.
This website provides increased and flexible access, to referee material, for both the football community in general and the individual referee in particular.
Over the coming weeks,we hope to add more content, and a portal for all current NDSRA referees, to access material in preparation for another season.
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Wanting to be a Nepean Referee in 2014

referee_learn_boyreferee_learn_girlWhat puts you right in the centre of the action every week, makes you an integral part of the game, keeps you fit and where you can make friends in the process?

Becoming a Nepean Soccer referee, of course!

Gain accreditation and join the NDSRA.

The NDSRA will be conducting its next intake course for 2014,on Monday January 13, 2014., at the NDSRA training centre

358 Jamison Rd Jamisontown.

To register, simply contact Terry Malecki by phone, 0247334000 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

more info!.........

General Meeting 2014

Branch General Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise advised by the Secretary. The meetings are convened at the Penrith Bowling  and Recreation Club & will commence at 7.30pm.., cnr Woodriff & Derby Streets, Penrith, starting at 7.30pm and concluding at 9.00pm.

The 2014 AGM is deferred to Monday to Monday December 15 at 7.30 pm -9.00pm.


The venue remains the McAuley Room at the Penrith Sports and Recreation Club ( Bowling Club )



office2The NDSRA has expanded with 

with an adminstration and training facility at 358 Jamison Road Penrith. Opened in November 2012 Referee training courses are being conducted for the start of the 2013 seasonoffice3.

The location allows the NDSRA to better serve its growing membership and support the football community




  The “vogue for stubble “ the era of the beard     



                                             Pogonophobes beware, burly bushy bodacious beards are back in the NDSRA..

George Michael style manicured beards with razor sharp lines are definitely out, and are being replaced by forests of follicles.

Read more.....







andrew_Scip_1Described as “ the most influential non-politician in the country,” his officers, some 20,000 in number, admire him, the public trusts him, and he is the man in charge of Australia’s biggest  police force, the fourth largest  in the Western world.

Members of the NDSRA MC, joined Terry Malecki  at a Men’s Dinner at the invitation of John Bryant of the Hawkesbury Valley Baptist Church. The guest speaker was NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione. He held an audience of over 100 captive as he told his remarkable story. Read more....

The NEED is constant and the SUPPORT is instant. Thankyou Surya and CC Amatil


The NDSRA is incredibly grateful for all the support it receives from members and the business world.

Refreshment and generosity can’t be duplicated when it comes to Coca Cola Amatil.


CCA is truly engaged in the Australian sporting communities, and this week CCA generously donated its thirst quenching CCA products to the NDSRA for the 2013 Grand Final at Jamison Park.

A good BBQ and Coca Cola just naturally go together. The best friend thirst ever had ( Read more).....




OLIVIA ROBINSON a precocious talent with an engaging smile and ponytail potential, and her trademark headband, is the ultimate competitor with mental toughness.

 Sport often brings families together and refereeing has become a big part in Olivia’s family life. There’s nothing fleeting about her rise in the NDSRA referee ranks, following her performances at the recent Cheryl Salisbury Cup it wasn’t  surprising for her to be invited to join the Womens’ State League referee panel next season. Read more....                                           


Behold_the_power_of_twinsBehold the power of twins.

They shine on the football field, in the classroom, from centre stage and behind the curtain, identical twins Blake and Cole Berwick from the time they were born have always been doing things together. Academically gifted as well as talented sportsmen, success will follow.

Celebrating their 15th birthday last month, the “womb mates” have become the Twinnacles of success. It’s no secret sporting twins often bring the best out of each other.

Their road to prominence is part serendippity, part athleticism, from Kingswood Primary, then Wallacia Primary and now MCarthy Catholic College  they have gathered a wide circle of friends. Since 2012 that circle includes the NDSRA referee fraternity Read more...







Luke Morgan receives Gunn Award from Kerry Gunn

GunnThe recipient of the 2012/13 David John Gunn Perpetual award for the Junior Referee of the Year is the up-and-coming, Luke Morgan.

The award is in honour of David Gunn a “gentle “man immersed in his commitment towards his fellow colleagues. David  passed away in November 2010, was a constant inspiration and support to many referees. He left a personal trademark, among them his high moral and ethical standards on and off the field. He had a trust in the quality development of our referees and related to them all. He was humble and his accummulated  wisdom rubbed off.

His assessments were meaningful, you were rest assured that if he approved of a referee’s performance , the referee had done well.

We trust that Luke’s successes as a referee, grow out of the inspiration of David Gunn.

TM. May 2013




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